Investing in Real Estate in Belgium (ed. Ariane Brohez)

real estate

This booklet gives an overview of a broad spectrum of legal and tax aspects related to investing in real estate in Belgium and its purpose is to respond to the increased need for prompt information on these various aspects. It bears witness to the firm’s continued efforts to invest in knowledge and to share that knowledge. The information contained in this booklet will hopefully give you a clearer insight into the real estate sector, and should help the reader to identify detailed issues at an early stage as well as assist in raising focused questions. We are convinced that the top priority for a law firm is to create added value for its clients and that starts with making sure the basics are readily available. The law is constantly changing. We have taken account of the law, as it stands at 1 January 2014. Readers will, therefore, be well advised always to seek the latest and most detailed specialist advice when confronted with a real estate investment.

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