Real Estate Seminar – 23 March 2017 – Investing in logistics

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On Thursday 23 March, the Belgian Real Estate team organises its second seminar of 2017.

Given its central location in Europe, proximity to the North Sea and the presence of well-equipped ports and other infrastructure, Belgium is an important pole of attraction for investors in logistic properties. In particular, due to the success of e-commerce, the proportion of logistic assets has significantly increased over the last few years. Reasons are sufficient to consider one of the most important pillars of the Belgian real estate market. The topics of this seminar will be:

  • Rights on assets :
    – Characteristics and legal framework of concession rights
    – Belgium VAT leases: basic principles
  • Repurchase rights : legislation on economic expansion and case law analysis
  • Financing : focus on cases where the asset is encumbered with specific conditions (repurchase rights or any other preferential, consent or termination rights in favour of third parties)
  • Environment :
    – Legal framework of environmental permits
    – Incentives – creation by the authorities of an attractive investment climate

Speakers: Christophe Laurent, France Vlassembrouck, Caroline Coppens and Jasper Verberckmoes


11.45 am   Registration and lunch
12.15 pm   Presentations
1.45 pm      Drinks

Practical information
The presentations will be given in French and Dutch; slides will be available in English.  A copy of the slides will be sent to you after the seminar, even if you are not able to attend.

Loyens & Loeff – Rue Neerveld 101-103, 1200 Brussels

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