1 February 2018 | Lunch seminar: Game changer – major corporate and tax reforms

It has been difficult to miss in the press coverage over the last few weeks: we are on the verge of major reforms in the Belgian corporate and tax laws. During this joint corporate and tax seminar, you will learn more about some of the important changes envisaged by these reforms and what they mean for your business. During this lunch seminar, we shall focus on the following topics:

  • Corporate law reform – capital and distributions:

For the first time in decades, the entire Belgian Companies Code shall be rewritten. Although the texts are not yet final, it is expected that the reform will be much more than a simple restatement. Legal forms are abolished and several fundamental concepts of Belgian companies law are amended altogether. In the corporate part of this seminar, we shall mainly focus on (the abolishment of) capital and the new rules on contributions and distributions.

  • New tax regime for capital transactions and distributions:

In the tax part of this seminar, we will first briefly discuss the tax implications of the new Belgian Companies Code. Subsequently, we will discuss the new tax regime applicable to (i) capital transactions (i.e. definition of fiscal capital and new tax regime of share capital reductions) and (ii) dividend distributions (i.e. amendments to the participation exemption regime and consequences of the implementation of the special anti-abuse provision of the Parent-Subsidiary Directive).

The presentations will be given in English, slides will be available.

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